Creative Services for Photographers Only

PhotoTorch is a unique creative agency exclusively for photographers. We offer specialized cutting-edge branding and digital marketing services to professional photographers around the word in order for them to rise to the surface.

Cutting Edge Branding For Professional Photographers

PhotoTorch creates stunningly unique and beautiful branding tools, starting from the custom designed logo, and moving on with various creative branding elements such as corporate id systems, packaging, branding ideas etch, exclusively for photographers.

Beautifully Crafted & Responsive WebDesign

PhotoTorch enables photographers to showcase their creative work across multiple platforms and devices through a uniquely crafted website. We create beautiful and functional websites that are in tune with each photographer’s vision and aesthetics.

Wed Design and Branding for Photographers


Responsive Portfolio Website Design for Photographers

Here at PhotoTorch we create beautiful, professional and responsive  portfolios that can showcase any type of work successfully across all devices, regardless of form and size. But our websites are more than that. We create online experiences that are memorable to each visitor and dramatically increase the ROI ( return of investment ) rates.

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Beautiful Logo Design for Photographers

Here at PhotoTorch we craft beautiful and unique logos for professional photographers. Our logos are considered small pieces of art and for good reason. We put an astonishing amount of inspiration, energy and design principles to work and we combine them in order to create the perfect symbol that each and every photographer really needs.

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Branding Design for Photographers

Branding is a big part of a photographers overall image and marketing strategy. It dictates the public image that is broadcasted to potential clients and it speaks on behalf of the photographer when he is not present. This is why we create uniquely crafted Branding elements and strategies that help each photographer communicate his best side and his artistic vision.

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